Crisis Management & Live Bands

            I had the pleasure of watching my favourite band (Marillion) recently in Montreal.  I noticed that even in the music world the realm of “DR” is present.  During a song, one of the midi-synced instruments decided not to work, as does happen sometimes with the complex setup many bands have.  During one number, the main piece of equipment didn’t work and the singer (Steve H) immediately turned to the piano in front of him to activate the same triggers and sounds.

            I realized standing there that the band had a contingency plan in place.  When things didn’t go right technicians from behind the stage came out onto the stage and took the ill-performing instrument back behind the band so they could work in it.  I thought they must be the crisis team that allows for continued business operations; meaning the band could continue to play even when things aren’t working as they should. 

            No doubt, the components the band use is validated many, many times during tour but still sometimes things will go wrong.  Sometimes it may be a microphone or another instrument but still, the tour will have some hiccups along the way but with trained and knowledgeable professionals on scene, ‘the show goes on.’

            There I was, watching a Crisis management Team and a continuity plan activated right in front of me.  Well done guys!

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