Building Plans for a Level 6 Pandemic

Well, the WHO has raised the pandemic alert status to 6, the highest it can be.  I’ve already been asked by people what my plan is and what is my company (the company I’m working with) going to do. My response is still the same; if you don’t know what you’re going to do when you have “people availability” issues then you don’t even have a Business Continuity Plan in place, let a lone a Pandemic Response  Plan.  You should be able to leverage the plans you already have, not create brand new plans that address a pandemic exclusively.  That’s just ridiculous!

Any good BCP for every department should have an item in it that contains a list of options that should be available in the event people become unavailable – regardless if the trigger is a pandemic, a schools strike or a transit strike.  Either way an organization should already have something in place.

Don’t be fooled if someone is trying to sell you a pandemic plan for people availability when you already have something for people availability but falling under the heading of a BCP.  Yes, yes, there is more to a pandemic plan that just people availability but in short an organization should be building upon what they already have, not building a plan from scratch.  If anyone is building from scratch their plan will only work in a pandemic and not in any other situation. 

This goes for a facility as well.  Any plan should address the facility availability issue as well.  The same thing holds true; if you don’t have your building available, there should already be a plan in place to address this.  It’s part of the BCP plan and can be utilized by a pandemic. 

A pandemic is a trigger to activate various “existing” components of a plan, not an excuse to build a completely new plan.  Every organization should already have that – if not, well, you’ve got allot more work to do that you think you do.


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