StoneRoad at TIEMS 17th Annual Conference – Beijing, China

I’m very happy to announce that I will be presenting two papers at The International Emergency Managers Society (TIEMS) 17th Annual Conference in Beijing, China (June 9-12/10).   This is very exciting because I have always wanted to go to China – and only today got confirmation of my travel visa. 

The two papers being presented are: “Heads in the Sand: What Stops Corporations from Seeing Business Continuity as a Social Responsibility” and “The Workout: Getting Your BCM Program in Shape Through Exercise.” 

Once the conference is over, I’ll be heading to the earthquake zones to learn from Emergency Responders and local officials and then moving on to spend time in Lhasa, Tibet. 

I don’t know if I’ll be able to post to the blog while on the trip but I will do my best.  I will make sure I post something before I leave (it’s already written…).   If I can’t post from China, don’t fret, I’ll be back with lots of new ideas and things upon my return. 

Have a great day!!

A.Alex Fullick, MBCI, CBCP, CBRA, ITILv3


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