A.Alex Fullick – Book Nears Completion and You Can Name it!!

I thought I would let all of you know that the 2nd book will be going to the publishers in mid-September with the 3rd ready for the spring of 2011.  The new book provides some no nonsense advice for Business Continuity programs.  Leveraging personal experiences and some common sense thinking, I’ve pulled together many articles, blogs and unpublished materials that I’ve had lying about for years.    

I plan on this being the 1st in an on-going series , as I tend to keep writing and then just put things in a folder for later use (if I remember I wrote it in the first place).  But I want your help. 

I’ve got the working title “Building Blocks – Volume 1: Practical Advice for Business Continuity Programs.”  I think it needs to change.


If you can come up with something different and catchy, send your suggestion(s) along and if I use it, I’ll thank you in the Introduction section and send an autographed copy.  I’ll also send along a complimentary copy of “Heads in the Sand” (my first book).  Don’t be afraid to be creative and if you’re shy about posting the title here, you can send it to me at alex@stone-road.com.   I’ll announce the title and the winner in early September.  So you’ve got a month to think something up.  GOOD LUCK!!

Oh, and you can submit as many suggestions as you like.



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