Alex Fullick: Papers Presented at the 18th Annual TIEMS Conference (Bucharest, Romania)

At the New Year I said there would be some interesting happenings to communicate in the coming year.  Well, I have another one.  I’ll have two papers presented at the upcoming TIEMS Conference in Bucharest, Romania (June 9-11, 2011).  TIEMS is “The International Emergency Managers Society” which has chapters around the globe; most notably Europe, the Middle East and the Austral-Asia areas.

The two papers are:

1. Disaster Inc: Why Corporations Suffer in Crises

2. SHOCK! Human Behaviour When Disaster Strikes

If you’re attending, please feel free to stop by and say hello.  I’ve never been to Romania before and looking forward to meeting new people and learning more new things that I can use in my BCM/DR/ERM and Project/Program Management practices.

I’ll have some news in the coming weeks about 2 more books and a training course that’s being developed for a respected Canadian College.  Until then…


Alex Fullick, MBCI, CBCP, CBRA, v3ITIL


in the Sand: What Stops Corporations From Seeing Business Continuity as a
Social Responsibility
” and “Made
Again Volume 1 – Practical Advice for Business Continuity Programs”

by StoneRoad founder, A.Alex
Fullick, MBCI, CBCP, CBRA,

at, &


2 thoughts on “Alex Fullick: Papers Presented at the 18th Annual TIEMS Conference (Bucharest, Romania)

  1. Congratulations Alex, I hope you enjoy your trip.

    Will you publish your presentations on the blog too?

    Hopefully you will be back in Canada when I am there for WCDM.

    • Thanks Ken. I am looking forward to the trip; it’s some place I never thought I’d go to so it should be lots of fun.

      The first paper is actually part of a book I’ll working on (it’ll be book #5 by the time I have it finished) so I probably won’t publish anything. If I do, it’ll be a watered down version of something and rather short. I’m speaking with a professor at a University who might be able to offer some assistance in some areas so I don’t want to state too much. The 2nd paper will probably have some sort of blog posting but shorter becuase it currently sits at about 9 thousand words…a bit big for a blog.
      Right now I’m working on two other books: ‘Made Again – Volume 2’ (which is about 65% complete) and “Insight”, which is structured and all the notes are completed, including some draft chapters (about 40% complete). I hope to both done by the end of July and at least one of them out by the end of the year.

      I will be back for the WCDM, as I’m an attendee and I currently work a block away from the convention centre, so I’m sure we can run into each other at some point.

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