StoneRoad (aka Alex Fullick) is Back to Work

It’s been a bit quite on here for StoneRoad (me) lately for a couple of reasons:

1-I took a vacation,

2-I finished the 2nd volume of Made Again and sent it to the Editors,

3-Meeting with the college to put some final touches on the BCM training program I’m developing,

4-I was reviewing submissions for an upcoming conference (I’m a paper reviewer for TIEMS),

5-Looking into getting the StoneRoad logo (and name) trade marked, as there are few ideas for some PR/Marketing plans floating about right now,

6-Discussing ideas and plans for a StoneRoad iPhone application (more on that later),


7-I presented two papers at the TIEMS conference in Bucharest, Romania (which went well).

As a result I’ve fallen behind a touch on posting new articles/blogs.  But have no fear, I’ve got a bunch completed and will be back to posting on a weekly basis in the next day or so.  Just need to get unpacked and reorganized again.

While away though, I noticed a distinct increase in readership, so I’ll take that as a postive sign and hope I can continue to provide lots of interesting snippets of information for you over the coming weeks/months.

Thanks for the support everyone.  🙂


Alex (aka StoneRoad)

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