Japanese Nuclear Power Plan Report Released (July 2012)

A week ago I’d heard the Fukushima report was coming out and that there were a bunch of conclusions and recommendations being prepared, so I set to writing an article for posting thinking I could add my thoughts as well.  Then I read the report and found that it said everything better than I could.  So, here’s a link to the report The Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation Commission  and what the commission recommends and determined was the cause of the disaster.

One thing that I found very interesting is the fact that corporate culture attributed to the disaster – in fact, is listed as a cause of the disasters – and that the very nature of the disaster was communication; from well before the disaster to after it had occurred.  What was also fascinating was that the disaster itself was not the caused by the tsunami, which would be a normal thought but rather the cause of the power plan disaster was man-made.  The tsunami was just the catalyst to trigger all the problems that existed.

I’ve always said – in previous posts – that communications would be the glue that either holds it all together or assists with it all falling apart.  Seems I’ve been validated (and I know I’m not the only person who thinks that).

One thing that I hadn’t expected in the report was the mention of how government and agencies change the names of organizations that experienced or participated in the disasters to show that they’re taking things seriously.   But, they don’t change any of the processes and procedures within these organizations; the processes and procedures that didn’t work the first time.  You can throw paint on a decrepit old car but that won’t make it run any better and that’s what the report basically says.  There is fear that nothing will change; let’s hope it does.

Enjoy the report: I did.

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