BIA Template Now Available at

StoneRoad Announces “The Business Impact Analysis (BIA) Document Template:” NOW AVAILABLE for ONLY $49.99!!

At the beginning of the year, we stated that by the end of this year (2012) we’d begin to offer Business Continuity Management (BCM) document templates.   We’ve now made our first document available for purchase and download: The Business Impact Analysis (BIA) for only $49.99 (CDN).  It contains elements and questions that will help get your BCM program off the ground and provide insight and information for your Business Continuity Plan (BCP) content; Crisis Management Team structure and membership; Technology Recovery Plan (TRP) requirements and more.  It’s not your typical BIA; It’s one that will move you forward fast.

The BIA is in Excel spreadsheet format and is available in both 2003 and 2007 versions.  If you’re wanting to get your BCM program started and don’t quite have the funds for a ‘big buck’ purchase, this is for you!!    Visit to get your copy today.  It’s a great deal considering other worksheets can cost hundreds of dollars and software applications can cost thousands!!

The template is scalable and comes with inserted ‘comments’ and ‘instructions’ so you can get started right away.

Keep an eye out for A.Alex Fullick’s next book “The Business Impact Analysis: Building the Foundations for Strong Business Continuity & Disaster Planning Programs”, which is an in depth look at building a strong BIA and is intended as a companion piece to the BIA Template, giving you insight as to why certain questions are asked and how you can use the information to develop other BCM program components.  It’s due for release in the fall of 2012 and will be available through many online sellers, including StoneRoad ( ).  Over the coming months we hope to provide more BCM templates to help you with your planning efforts, so stayed tuned.

Stay Safe and Happy Planning!!

The StoneRoad Team


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