Preparing for the Unexpected – 2018-03-22: Business Recovery Managers Association

Join us for our March 22, 2018 show when we talk to Fiona Raymond-Cox and Julia Halsne of the Business Recovery Managers Association (BRMA) who are celebrating their 25 anniversary.

We’ll get some insight on the BRMA organization and on BCM/DR programs in general.


The StoneRoad Team


Preparing for the Unexpected – 2017-12-14 Episode: BCM at EMUD

The 2017-12-14 Episode will focus on BCM at the East By Municipal Utility District (EMUD) and how it maintains it program to ensure the continued delivery of services to it over 1.3 million customers.

Join us, as we speak with Julia Halsne and Nelsy Rodriquez of EMUD about their BCM program


The StoneRoad Team