We’ve Got Our Radio Show Named!!

After receiving many suggestions and lots of feedback, the upcoming radio show dedicated to all things related to Business Continuity Management (BCM), the name has been chosen: Continue reading


19th Edition of the TIEMS Newsletter – Now Available

Hello dear readers. The latest edition of the International Emergency Managers Society (TIEMS) is not available on line. Take a look through for some interesting information and some great events coming up in the next few months. You might even find a pic – albeit an old one – of a familiar face we have here at StoneRoad.


The StoneRoad Team

Announcement: StoneRoad Membership on TIEMS Editorial Advisory Board.

It was made official today that StoneRoad founder Alex Fullick, is now a member of the Editorial Advisory Board for The International Emergency Managers Society (TIEMS).   The first activity is to help get the next TIEMS newsletter out by the end of October 2011.  Congratulations, Alex!


 “Heads in the Sand: What Stops Corporations From Seeing Business Continuity as a Social Responsibility


 “Made Again Volume 1 – Practical Advice for Business Continuity Programs”

by StoneRoad founder,

A.Alex Fullick, MBCI, CBCP, CBRA, ITILv3

Available at www.stone-road.com, www.amazon.com & www.volumesdirect.com