Preparing for the Unexpected (2019-03-14): Information Security (Part 1)

The 2019-03-14 show will focus on Information Security with InfoSec Specialist, Jason Maynard.


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Preparing for the Unexpected (Dec 13/18): Lessons Learned from Hurricane Harvey

For our Dec 13/18 show we’ll talk with expert Dee Grimm RN, JD about the lessons learned from Hurricane Harvey (August 2017).

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Preparing for the Unexpected (Nov 15/18): Evolving Global Threats and Corporate Resiliency

For our Nov 15th show, we’ll talk to Paul Doucet from International SOS about Global Threats and Corporate Resiliency.

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Preparing for the Unexpected (Oct 11/18): Be More Resilient – Use Your BCP for Smaller Incidents

For our Oct 11/18 show we’ll talk to award winning entrepreneur Marie-Helene Primeau who’ll talk to use about getting the best out of BCP plans by using them for smaller incidents.

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