{PREPARING FOR THE UNEXPECTED: COVID-19 – Pandemic ‘Waves’ and Your Work Re-Entry Plan

Join me this Thursday (May 28/20) for our monthly talk with Regina Phelps on Covid-19 and continue our chat from Apr 23 on what organization’s need to consider if they want to re-enter their workplaces. You might find some of it quite surprising…  Enjoy!

The StoneRoad Team


Preparing for the Unexpected (2018-12-06): Seasonal Celebration Safety Tips

As December is usually such a busy celebration month for so many people around the globe – regardless of nationality or religious/spiritual leanings – I thought I’d provide some celebration safety tips to make sure those celebrations don’t turn into ‘expected’ tragedies. So join us for the December 6, 2018 episode.  


The StoneRoad Team